About Us

The mission that Studio FASI has assigned itself it’s an ambitious one: to contribute to and improved Italian Industrial system through the ability of uniting the developing strategies of the industry and projects investment, with the best financial opportunities.
A further general objective is, to favour European and International processes of unification and the internationalization of enterprise exchanges, in particular between SME ( Small and Medium Enterprises ). It follows that the services offered by Studio FASI, aimed at Public Institutions, Associations and enterprises, are innovative because intimately connected to the constant variation in conditions and therefore likewise in networks structure used, as well as consultant’s taking part.
Studio FASI contribution and assistance, is applied therefore to the client industry in terms of “VALUE CREATION” based on the following elements:
· Definition of outlines projects in full collaboration with the client industry.
· Analyses and verification for the best financial opportunities to which an industry can access in relation to expenses recently sustained, for possible investment in projects developments and for new products and innovative solutions in product production, to the implementation of defined industrial strategies.
· Making the most of the qualifying elements in the chosen project, to meet the financial objectives.
· Assistance during all stages of the project, from the formulation and presentation of the request, to management and the final statement of account.
Professionalism, punctuality, reliability, seriousness, is what Studio FASI can offer to all SME’s that want to take advantage of our services.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence