About Us

Who Are We:

Steltronic North America is based in Southern California, where it plans, develops and produces advanced electronic equipment . We have been in business for over 35 years, a direct result of all this experience has made us the Independent Leader in the field of Automatic Scoring Systems for the bowling industry.

Company Background:

Steltronic pioneered the development of microprocessor systems, optical equipment, and countless other technological innovations - many of the advancements you take for granted in your bowling center. Several years ago, we decided to focus our expertise on something equally challenging: the use of automated scoring systems in the bowling industry. The result? We're proud to say that Steltronic is the independent worldwide leader in automatic scoring. So. How exactly did we accomplish this? Well,

What we do for you:

Our new Focus software makes every component of your bowling center run more smoothly. Steltronic streamlines your operation, organizes your business, and provides you with all the additional Vision hardware, infrastructure and support you'll ever need. In Short, we make your life easier while maximizing your profits and impressing your customers.

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence