About Us

Italeaf has a 51% shareholding in SkyRobotic, a company established in December 2013 that designs, develops and produces Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“UAS”) for civil and commercial use. Initially the company will focus on micro (< 5 kg) and mini-class (<25 kg) UAS. With constant focus on innovation, SkyRobotic produces and sells a series of unmanned aircraft systems (“SAPR”). The company intends to achieve a market leading position in the field of civil drones for commercial use. The drones will be sold mainly in Italy, and also in the development phase to countries in the EU and Asia-Pacific through Italeaf HK. SkyRobotic oversees the whole industrial chain, from design to system integration, right through to production of turn-key platforms for remote sensing of proximity which are robust, practical and effective. The company gives comprehensive support to customers including software, tools and procedures to support the user in every phase of use of the system, as well as training about management and maintenance activities. SkyRobotic also develops technological systems for aerial works, featuring fully-automatic and easy-to-use GPS/INS specifications for aerial inspection of proximity and aerial photography. SkyRobotic manages all the industrial and technological aspects: aerodynamics, avionics, navigation functions and automatic mission management. SkyRobotic ensures “design control” according to their customers’ requirements for reliability, security and certification.

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