About Us

Every MOMA product comes into being in a real workshop, where every day craftsmen, artists, workers and designers share their own experiences.

Gigio and Daniele Gironacci fifteen years ago concluded with the sentence that “making shoes” was not their aim.

Who we are?

We are two craftsmen which hands get dirty and believe that: “… what is well made…” is not the perfect one. The product is for us what we have in mind and we can realize it testing new and old technics.
In our workshop, everyone who has creativity, can express opinions to pervade our ideas and products, almost never regular.

Where we are?

We are among the hills of the Marches. Is there something nicest in the world?
Ours is a life-choice, we get energy from ground, plain history and country talent.

Midnight Over My Action.

MOMA #momavoice

We started our adventure with this sentence in mind. We think that there is a boundary line between tradition and originality, as also between the old and new day.
Both follow the same rules but in a different way. When we started to produce “used and dirty” articles, we did not think that we could create a trend-of-thinking. Our aim was only to wear products with an own experienced-personality as the wrinkles on a face or scars of a gash. They represent the personal history of a person.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence