About Us

The Original Pick & Carry Crane
Valla spa is the world leader in pick and carry solutions. Based in Piacenza, it is now a division of CVS Ferrari and part of Manitex International Group.
In the early 60’s Valla rebuilt the idea of crane by recognizing a totally new need in load handlings. The intermediate step between fork lift and truck mounted cranes could represent the key to success and so the first of a long series of mobile industrial crane was conceived.
Over the decades, Valla has developed a full range of mobile cranes from 2 to 90 tons. Electric, Diesel or Hybrid, wheeled or tracked, equipped with fixed or swing boom, Valla Mobile Cranes can be customized with specific applications able to meet every customer need.
Valla cranes are nowadays recognized as synonym of long-lasting quality and reliability all over the world.


Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence