About Us

Longino & Cardenal has a mission: to bring rare and precious foods to the best tables.

After over twenty years in business, the company is now a reference point for high-end Italian restaurants; the model has also been successfully exported to Hong Kong and Dubai.
Longino & Cardenal was originally the idea of four young men who shared a passion for food and fine dining. Their business began with the decision to import fresh caviar from Iran, to sell on to restaurants and specialist delicatessens. The name was entirely invented: Longino, a Swiss gentleman of noble descent, and Cardenal, a Cuban fisherman, united by their passion for fine foods, who decided to travel the world together in search of the most exquisite specialities.
From the nineties to the present day, both the firm and the general interest in fine foods have continued to grow, enabling the company to move from Liguria to Milan, where Longino & Cardenal has become the go-to name for fine dining in Italy.
During its twenty-plus years in business, the range of products handled has been constantly expanding, with a particular shift in focus to include fresh produce: selected meats and poultry, the freshest of fish, and top-quality vegetables.
Rare and precious foods, this is the mission that has in recent years led the company to create new, ad-hoc firms in Hong Kong and Dubai, structured strictly in line with the Italian model, where the interest for top-quality primary ingredients and attention for superlative products from western markets are higher than ever.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence