About Us


INDUSTRIE REFRATTARI is a company specialized in the production of refractory based in Italy.
Our technological inside know-how, from production to installation, allows us to offer the best technical solutions based on the individual needs of our Customers.
This particular attention translates into a flexible production that offers fast and precise the specific requests also the validation of the production process and the continued confirmation of supplies on the part of its partners are the most important indicators of an undisputed quality. Use our solutions doesn’t mean just buying products, but take advantage of a full service with the help of competent professionals.
This is our ability to provide high performance solutions, reliable and safe over time.
With our knowledge, the engineering and the continuous search for technical solutions, we are able to design and develop modern refractory linings of different technological systems.
All this because we want to create and develop new innovative products, to follow the different needs of the changing market.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence