About Us

HANSA-TMP S.r.l. - Innovation & Technology in Hydraulic Systems

HANSA-TMP, since 1984, is a global player in the development, production and distribution of a complete range of hydraulic components and systems. HANSA-TMP products, are recognised worldwide for their quality and reliability, achieved by means of the painstaking research and development, watchful of every aspect of product development and manufacturing. HANSA-TMP provides tailored solutions for applications in the fields of construction, agriculture, oil & gas, production and processing, mining, power generation, recycling, marine and transport.

ISO 9001 Quality Certification
ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

Company Locations:
HANSA-TMP (IT) - http://www.hansatmp.it
HANSA-TMP MOSCOW OFFICE (Russia) - http://www.hansa-tmp.ru
HANSA-TMP SHANGHAI OFFICE (China) - http://www.hansa-tmp.cn

Partner Companies:
HYDROMA (CZ) - http://www.hydroma.cz
HYDROMA SK (SK) - http://www.hydroma.sk
HIDROMA SISTEMS (PL) - http://www.hidromasistems.pl

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence