About Us

Set up in 2008 as a supplier of inspection services in accordance with ASME, PED and the main Construction Codes, C&P S.r.l. is now become one of the major Inspection Agency in Italy specializing in the interpretation and application of Codes, Rules, Directives and customer’s Specifications for boilers and pressure vessels.
C&P s.r.l. operates throughout Italy and abroad providing a wide range of Inspection and Certification services for boilers, pressure vessels, nuclear components and fittings as well. Thanks to its engineers and technicians working as Authorized Inspector, Authorized Nuclear Inspector, Authorized Inspector Supervisor, C&P S.r.l. guarantees a high quality services. Furthermore, the company provides welding services like analysis, testing and certification procedures, thanks to skilled technical specialists in welding, metallurgists and NDE Third Levels.
In accordance with the EN45011, ACCREDIA confirmed C&P S.r.l. as a Certification Body for pressure vessels according to the Directive 97/23/CE PED for standards of A1, B, B1, C1, F and G assessment and Welding Procedure qualification and Welder qualifications . C&P S.r.l. regularly obtained the authorization from the Ministry of Economic Development to work as Notified Organization for the CE certification under the Directive 97/23CE, notification number 2399.
Last February, C&P S.r.l. extended its accreditation including Quality Modules: D,D1, E, E1, H, H1
From February 2014 C&P is a Oversea Third Party Inspection Agency for Pressure Vessel. It is the only Italian Third Party Inspection Agency approved by MOM Singapore.
In May 2014 C&P satisfactorily passed the audit carried out by DOSH Malaysia. C&P received the official Approval of C&P as recognized third party for boiler and pressure vessel inspection.

Business size

1-10 employees

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