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About Us

It is by keeping recycling in mind that ALISEA has found an original collocation in the market, becoming the only operator that has made of Reuse and Recycling a form of corporate identity since 1994.

All the materials used in the production of our objects are treated with innovative processes of transformation, which guarantee quality standards identical to those of virgin materials.We provide our customers with ideas which we transform in objects using the most diverse recycling materials or material waste from industrial processes supplied by our customers. Objects that always tell a story, that of the customers from whom they were born.

Alisea wants to be the driving force of supply chains that creates a contact between those who have materials but do not know how to use them with those who have the ideas, to contribute to the development of a world where nothing goes to waste. Unlike what happens in other recycling phylosophies we do not want the previous life of a material to disappear in a new project identity.
The object of today’s design maintains the memory of what it was in the past, because recycling is not a cheaper way to gain materials, but a creative stimulus that adds value to the project.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence